Volunteer Fire Company No. 1 Of Chesapeake City Inc.

Station 2 and 12 Chesapeake City Maryland

Updated  2-5-2024

          January     2024    

Fire  16 Calls           EMS  46 Calls

Y-T-D   16                                    Y-T-D   46  

(2023)    275                               (2023)  707

 (2022)   306                               (2022) 623

 Company History

On March 16, 1911, about midnight, the people of Chesapeake City were called from their homes by a fire alarm. The town at this time did not have any Fire Company and the town residents had to use buckets in order to stop the fire. The fire was located on Canal Street. The men with their buckets were doing all they could to put an end to the blaze but it had too much of a head start.